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Cassandra Tondro abstract art
Cassandra Tondro abstract painting process
Cassandra Tondro finished green painting
Paintings Created Using House Paint

In my search for more eco-friendly materials, I found an innovative use for leftover house paint -- I repurpose it for my colorful abstract paintings. I rescue paint that would otherwise go to waste and be disposed of from recycling centers.

By visiting these outlets regularly, I have assembled a palette filled with unusual colors. I enjoy the challenge of working with colors that I find, rather than colors of my choice. Once a color is gone, it is unlikely that I will find the exact same color again. House paint comes in a variety of finishes, including flat, satin, semi-gloss and eggshell, that add depth and texture to the surface of my work.

I have developed several methods of working with the paint, including pouring, pulling, pressing and dripping it onto canvas. While the paint is wet, I often use tools, washes of water, or my fingers to create designs. The paint dries slowly, and in the process of drying, serendipitous things sometimes occur, such as bubbles that pop to reveal another color below.

My eco-friendly paintings create a unique focal point for contemporary interiors, and the green materials complement sustainable design. Collectors of my work have said that they evoke feelings of inspiration and joy, and are even more beautiful when seen in person.