Interview on ArtWalk Ventura Blog

There’s an interview with me on the ArtWalk Ventura blog that I thought you might enjoy. We’re just a week away from ArtWalk, and I’m in the process of getting everything ready for the show.

Art necklaces ready to be displayed:

Cassandra Tondro art jewelry

Leaf Print silk scarves waiting to be ironed:

Cassandra Tondro leaf print silk scarves

Looking forward to seeing you there, if you’re in the Ventura area!

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ArtWalk Ventura 2016

I’m excited to be showing my art at ArtWalk Ventura this year! ArtWalk is Ventura’s big annual art event showcasing galleries, artists’ studios, art performances and the PODS galleries. The city brings in about thirty 16-foot PODS containers, and a few lucky artists get to show their work in these transformed PODS. I was selected to be one of those artists! My PODS gallery will be at Main and Palm Streets in downtown Ventura, and I’ll be showing my abstract paintings, leaf print silk scarves and art jewelry there.

Each ArtWalk artist is photographed in their studio, and these pictures are made into large posters that are displayed in the downtown area to publicize the event. Here’s my official ArtWalk portrait taken in front of my collection of paint!

Cassandra Tondro ArtWalk Ventura 2016

If you’re in the area, join me on October 1st and 2nd for this fun and exciting event! I looking forward to seeing you there.

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New Fall Painting Collection

As we say “goodbye” to Summer and head into Fall, I’ve put together a collection of amazing new paintings with warm Autumnal tones to brighten your decor for the cooler days ahead. The colors in these paintings are exquisite — deep persimmon orange, rich brick red, earthy olive green, dazzling azure blue — and the designs are sublime. Remember that this is all found house paint, and I find some extraordinary colors!

Cassandra Tondro Fall Painting Collection

Shop the Fall Painting Collection now!

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New Beach Rock Necklace Collection

Cassandra Tondro Beach Rock Necklaces

A few weeks ago I was at the beach, and surprised to see that millions of rocks had appeared overnight, uncovered by the waves! I spent hours sorting through them, looking for the ones with the most beautiful colors and exquisite designs to bring you my new Beach Rock Necklace Collection.

Cassandra Tondro Beach Rock Necklaces

You, too, can look like you’re just back from Hawaii when you wear one of these elegant rocks! The rock pendants are paired with a four-strand natural linen cord that has a silver clasp and bail.

Shop the Beach Rock Necklace Collection now!

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Leaf Print Tests

I’ve been getting some questions about the quality of leaf prints from people who have purchased my Leaf Prints on Paper Tutorial, so I thought I would run a test. Using the same leaves, I printed on 140 lb. cold press watercolor paper and cheap white construction paper. Here’s how some of them look — watercolor paper on the left, construction paper on the right.

Leaf Print Test - Paper

Fernleaf Ironwood leaves

Leaf Print Test - Paper

Silk Oak leaves

Leaf Print Test - Paper

London Plane leaves

So yes, the type of paper you use is important. You get clearer, crisper prints on a heavier paper, and more bleed-through on a lighter paper. The prints also tend to be darker on the heavier paper, but not always. The London Plane prints look to be about the same value on both papers.

Then I thought, well heck, if I’m testing papers, I may as well test water, too — distilled versus tap. And while I’m at it, let’s test mordants and boiling versus steaming. So this is turning into a huge project, and it’s going to take some time before all of the results are in. I think I’ll put them into another tutorial. It’s actually facinating doing all of these tests and keeping track of the results! Opening up the bundles to see what I got is like a kid opening presents on Christmas Day!

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Ventura ArtWalk 2016

I’m excited to be exhibiting my work at Ventura ArtWalk this year. ArtWalk is a self-guided tour of galleries, studios, pop-up venues and transformed PODS containers in the Downtown area. They only offer 18-20 PODS for professional artists, and I got one of them. Woo hoo!

Save the date! ArtWalk is Saturday and Sunday, October 1st and 2nd. I believe it’s noon-8pm on Saturday and noon-5pm on Sunday.

I’ll be displaying my paintings as well as my jewelry and scarves. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Ventura ArtWalk 2016

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Leaf Prints on Paper Tutorial

I just completed my first illustrated tutorial — Leaf Prints on Paper — and it’s available for immediate download on my website.

It takes you through the complete leaf prints on paper process including the equipment and materials you will need.

Leaf prints are a fun project for both children and adults. They are the ultimate in eco-friendly art. No dyes, inks or paints are used — just fallen leaves and paper. The colors and patterns of the leaves are transferred to the paper through steaming, and afterwards the leaves can be put into a compost pile.

Check it out!


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Love Your Mother

Earth is an awesome mother, isn’t she? She provides for our every need without us even having to ask. The 22nd of April is the day we honor her, and in celebration of Earth Day, I’ve created a vibrant spring collection of eco-friendly necklaces and silk scarves, made using one of Earth’s precious gifts — leaves.

We think of Fall as the season when trees lose their leaves, but some trees shed leaves in the spring, as they’re getting new growth. Right now I’m working with Fernleaf Ironwood, Ironbark Eucalyptus, Loquat, Silk Oak, Bauhania and London Plane leaves.

You will look stunning wearing these elegant one-of-a-kind objets d’art. They’re unique, they’re beautiful, they’re eco-friendly, and they’re art!

Cassandra Tondro Leaf print scarf and necklace

My one-of-a-kind leaf print necklaces are created from original ecoprints made by pressing and steaming leaves against watercolor paper. No inks, dyes or paints are used — just the colors and patterns from the plants themselves. No two pieces are alike.

Shop the Leaf Print Necklace collection now!

Leaf Print Necklaces

The leaf print scarves use the same press-and-steam process, and the colors and patterns of the leaves transfer to the silk. The color is permanent, and the scarves can be hand washed in mild soap.

These 50-inch scarves are the perfect length to add a touch of color and style to your warmer weather wardrobe. They’re available in sheer chiffon, shiny lightweight habotai, and matte crepe de chine. Pair with a leaf print necklace for a complete eco-friendly look!

Shop the Leaf Print Silk Scarf collection now!

Leaf Print Scarves

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Valentine’s Day Is Almost Here!

Happy Valentine’s Day, Friends!

Valentine’s Day is one of my favorite days of the year! I send out Valentine cards instead of holiday cards because it’s different, they get noticed, and it gives me an opportunity to tell people how grateful I am to have them in my life. How fun is it to get a handmade Valentine card?

To help you celebrate, I’ve created three designs of handpainted cards and a line of one-of-a-kind art jewelry for your special loved ones.

Cassandra Tondro Valentine Jewelry and Cards

My bright, cheery contemporary Valentine cards are available in three different handpainted designs. Each card is signed, and they look great framed as art! They’re blank inside, and are available individually or in packages of six. Shop the Valentine card collection now!

Cassandra Tondro Valentine Cards

My one-of-a-kind pendant necklaces are bright, colorful, wearable art that people notice! The larger focal piece pendants come on a 24″ chain, and the smaller pendants are available with either a shorter 16″ chain or a 24″ chain. Shop the jewelry collection now!

Cassandra Tondro Art Jewelry


Wishing you all the best for a lovely Valentine’s Day!

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Valentine Art Jewelry and Cards

Are you looking for that perfect unique gift for Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps you’d like to give yourself a wonderful gift. Either way, I’ve got you covered! I’ve created a stunning line of art jewelry and three different handpainted card designs, just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine jewelry and cards

The one-of-a-kind pendants are created from my colorful paintings. Each glass cameo is a small handpainted gem with abstract designs inspired by nature that resemble miniature landscapes, agates and flowers. No two pieces are alike. The necklace arrives in a gift box with a description of the piece, ready for wrapping. Shop the jewelry collection!

Contemporary art jewelry

My contemporary splatter-paint Valentine cards are handpainted on high-quality deckle-edge watercolor paper and come with matching envelopes. Each card is signed, and they look great framed as art! They’re blank inside (except for some paint drips and smears) for you to write your special message, and are available individually or in packages of six.

Contemporary Valentines cards

Wishing you all the best for a very happy Valentine’s Day.

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