New Leaf Prints on Paper Tutorial

I just finished my second tutorial, “Variables for Leaf Prints on Paper,” and I’m excited to share it with you! This more advanced tutorial is a follow-up to “An Introduction to Leaf Prints on Paper,” and assumes that you have a working knowledge of the leaf print process. If not, read the introductory leaf print tutorial first.

The tutorial documents the results of 40 leaf print tests examining the effects that 15 variables have on the prints. Each test is fully illustrated with photographs of the leaf prints, so you can see the results for yourself.

Variables for Leaf Prints on Paper” is a PDF file available for immediate download, and is for everyone who’s intrigued with the leaf print on paper process and wants to know more.

Leaf Print Tutorial

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Wild Cherry Bark Piece

This is a fun little piece of cotton canvas folded, clamped and dyed in Wild Cherry Bark.

Wild Cherry Bark dyed piece

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London Plane Tree Leaves

The London Plane tree leaves are starting to fall. These beauties are the size of a large dinner plate, and they make great leaf prints! I’m pressing them flat and then plan to use them to print on cotton canvas.

London Plane Tree Leaves

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Madder on Hemp

I really like the colors of madder root on hemp fabric — done with solar dyeing, and I let it sit about a week in full sun. The unevenness of it is pretty.

Madder dye on hemp fabric

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Buckthorn Bark Dye

This is Buckthorn bark on cotton canvas, raw silk and hemp — dyed in a plastic bucket using the solar dye method of letting it sit in the sun. I love these colors!

Buckthorn Bark natural dye

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Red Hibiscus Leaves

Red hibiscus flowers on a leaf print. I love the purple-blue color that they give.

Red Hibiscus Leaf Print

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English Red Dark Earth Pigment

How cool is this? It’s Sinopia’s English Red Dark powdered earth pigment in a soy milk binder poured onto scrunched up cotton canvas. I love the patterns that it makes, and it’s very permanent.

Earth Pigment in Soy Milk Binder on Cotton Canvas

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Wild Cherry Bark Dye

Fabric samples going into Wild Cherry Bark solar dye bath. I’m testing raw silk, cotton canvas and hemp canvas. I’m not sure how long these will have to sit before they develop color. That’s part of the test!

Solar Dye Bath Wild Cherry Bark

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Interview on ArtWalk Ventura Blog

There’s an interview with me on the ArtWalk Ventura blog that I thought you might enjoy. We’re just a week away from ArtWalk, and I’m in the process of getting everything ready for the show.

Art necklaces ready to be displayed:

Cassandra Tondro art jewelry

Leaf Print silk scarves waiting to be ironed:

Cassandra Tondro leaf print silk scarves

Looking forward to seeing you there, if you’re in the Ventura area!

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ArtWalk Ventura 2016

I’m excited to be showing my art at ArtWalk Ventura this year! ArtWalk is Ventura’s big annual art event showcasing galleries, artists’ studios, art performances and the PODS galleries. The city brings in about thirty 16-foot PODS containers, and a few lucky artists get to show their work in these transformed PODS. I was selected to be one of those artists! My PODS gallery will be at Main and Palm Streets in downtown Ventura, and I’ll be showing my abstract paintings, leaf print silk scarves and art jewelry there.

Each ArtWalk artist is photographed in their studio, and these pictures are made into large posters that are displayed in the downtown area to publicize the event. Here’s my official ArtWalk portrait taken in front of my collection of paint!

Cassandra Tondro ArtWalk Ventura 2016

If you’re in the area, join me on October 1st and 2nd for this fun and exciting event! I looking forward to seeing you there.

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