Shirt Designs

I’m working on some new T-shirt designs, using printing techniques similar to the ones I use on some of my paintings. What do you think?

Painted Shirt

Painted Shirt



  1. I put textile paint on two pieces of Plexiglas, and laid one piece on top of the other. When I pulled them apart, I got that feathery texture. I then used the Plexiglas to print on the shirts.

  2. It's so preety! I also like to do things like things, but I didn't understand how you dis it :s
    What is a Plexiglas?
    Sorry the ignorance..

  3. Hi Jessica, Plexiglas is acrylic plastic — in sheets. Like glass, except it's plastic, and therefore much lighter and not breakable. So the paint goes on the Plexiglas, I push the two pieces of Plexiglas together, then pull them apart. They create that pattern, and then I push the shirt onto the painted pattern.

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