Work Update

I did some more dyeing today — shibori scarves. I’m getting ready for my studio sale on November 12th.


Yesterday I washed out some of the “molding” pieces. This one isn’t mold — it’s rust. Rusty nails on canvas. I like the pattern the nails created.

Rusty Nails

This one is chunks of yellow dock root on canvas after I had already used them for dyeing. I think this piece is truly beautiful.

Yellow Dock Root

I haven’t yet figured out what to do with these mold pieces.



    1. Thanks, Margie! For the rust and yellow dock pieces, I wet cotton canvas, then folded it up with the rusty nails and yellow dock inside of it. I placed the pieces in a black trash bag for quite a while — like 2-3 weeks. These were the results when I opened the fabric up and rinsed it off.

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