The Monkee House

I provided paintings for Kathy Nixon’s staging of The Monkee House in the Hollywood Hills this week. It’s called The Monkee House because Peter Tork, of The Monkees, lived there for a year in the late 1960s. Here’s the description from the MLS Listing for the house:

Once occupied by The Monkees’ keyboardist, Peter Tork, who lived here with fellow musician, Stephen Stills, of Crosby Stills & Nash. Fellow Monkee Davey Jones stamped the word “Love” on the walls and it soon became one of the most notorious party houses in Beachwood Canyon. Peter entertained such guests as Jimi Hendrix, Dave Clark and Mama Cass.

Click on images for an enlarged view.

Open house this Sunday afternoon if you want to see it in person! 6416 Rodgerton Drive, Los Angeles 90068.


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