Recent Leaf Prints

I’ve been working on leaf prints lately, and I thought I would show you a couple of recent ones that turned out particularly well.

This first leaf print was created using Liquidambar leaves. Liquidambars are one of the few deciduous trees here in Southern California with fall color. Their leaves turn brilliant shades of red and gold. Marauding squirrels brought down a small branch of green leaves that I used for this print, and I think the peach and mauve colors are especially beautiful against the olive green.

Cassandra Tondro, Liquidambar Leaves ecoprint

This next print was done with London Plane leaves. The London Plane trees are related to Sycamore, and they also lose their leaves in the fall. The darks and lights on this print are stunning, and I like the areas of peach and gold here and there.

London Plane Leaves ecoprint


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