Spring 2014 Collection of Paintings

It’s spring here in Southern California — my favorite time of year, and time to debut my Spring Collection of Paintings!

I’ve been planning and working on the six paintings in this collection for many months, and I’m excited that they’re done and I can finally show them to you. The paintings are inspired by the warmer days, returning light, bright floral colors and lush green grasses that are part of a Southern California spring.

It may not be spring yet in your part of the world, but these paintings are guaranteed to bring the joy and hope of spring into your life!

Happy Spring!

Secret Oasis original painting

“Secret Oasis,” 24 x 48 inches, repurposed acrylic latex paint on canvas

Sun Kissed original painting

“Sun Kissed,” 30 x 30 inches, repurposed acrylic latex paint on canvas


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