Ventura Artwalk 2014

I went on the Ventura Artwalk with my friend Kat Knecht today. I was very lucky to meet Kat and her husband Curtis when I first arrived here. They moved to Ventura from L.A. about nine years ago, and they’ve introduced me to some wonderful groups and resources. You’ll want to check out Kat’s relationship coaching website as well as her weekly radio show.

Artwalk was fabulous! It’s one of the best art shows I have ever seen. Downtown businesses featured artwork by local artists, and it was displayed beautifully.

PODS brought in 15 of their storage units for nonprofit organizations and additional artist space. One of the PODS was transformed into a lovely living space by Habitat for Humanity using materials from their Restore in Oxnard.

Another part of Artwalk was the Bowl Hop. You select a handmade ceramic bowl and pay $25. Then you can take your bowl to any of the 12 particiapting restaurants in the downtown area and receive a sampling of their food. Proceeds from the Bowl Hop benefit Project Understanding’s Food Pantry. What a great idea!

Here are people selecting their bowls for the Bowl Hop.

Ventura Artwalk 2014

This is the artwork of Pippi Fotland. She has written a lovely story to accompany each of these pieces, one of which she read to me after I selected the piece that most resonated with me.

Ventura Artwalk 2014

At Red Brick Gallery there were artists painting live.

Ventura Artwalk 2014

My friend Ted Lombard showed his art at the E.P. Foster Library downtown. I met Ted at Focus on the Masters, where he graciously volunteers his time to help Donna Granata, the founder and executive director. He and his wife Joyce are also members of the Buenaventura Art Association, and have artwork in the upcoming raffle. I also have a painting in the raffle, and you can purchase the $5 raffle tickets online through August 2nd.

Ventura Artwalk 2014

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  1. Terese Miller July 20, 2014 at 6:26 pm #

    Awesome event on all counts!

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