Finished Woven Scarf

And here is the finished scarf! It’s an experimental project for my rigid heddle weaving group. Our assignment was to weave a scarf using a rigid heddle loom, and I decided to play around with some of my naturally dyed cotton yarns and an asymmetrical plaid.

Scarf woven on rigid heddle loom

Scarf woven on rigid heddle loom

Scarf woven on rigid heddle loomI’m going to ask the group about the edges — how to get the selvedges tight without making them uneven.

My next project is a runner for my dining room take. I’m soaking some eucalyptus bark for a reddish brown dye.



  1. Beautifully done!! I asked about a contractor and my friend said he’d get back to me but wasn’t sure if they’d want to travel up to Ventura. He lives in San Diego. He has been busy with his only daughter leaving for a years study abroad in Germany…even put up he flight path today and she has not yet landed. I’ll give him a bit more time, otherwise I hope one turns up for you.
    Once again, great scarf!!

    1. Thanks, Renee! San Diego is a long ways from here. I did find someone who looks like he might be able to start on the architectural plans next week. Things are looking up! I can’t wait until I can paint again.

  2. Hola Cassie….your scarf is beautiful! I’m sure Mr. Mowers will be proud….keep on weaving….and come to “Weaving Week In Ajijic” next year. Xo, Fco.

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