Down and Dirty

The demolition of my backyard continues in preparation for building my new art studio and a deck off the back of the house. Here’s the second shed being torn down today.

Backyard demolition in preparation for studio

And here’s what the yard looks like now. It’s mostly dirt, and very bleak looking.

Backyard after demolition

After the construction crew left, I went on an archaeological walk through the dirt and discovered these findings.

Archaeological finds

They appear to be a piece of a ceramic plate, a piece of round clear glass, and a piece of a brown bottle. How did the round glass survive the bulldozers? Probably not Chumash Indian remains, but maybe they have some story to tell.

UPDATE: Upon closer investigation, I see that the round piece is clear plastic, not glass, and I care barely make out these words etched around the edge: UV FILTER 001. It’s 1-1/2 inches in diameter and 1/8-inch thick.


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