Making Peace With the Dirt

Now that the grass is gone, my backyard is dirt, and it’s going to be like this for quite a while — until my studio is done.

Backyard dirt

It’s messy and it’s not pretty. but there are some interesting patterns in the dirt, like the tractor tracks.

Backyard dirt

And look at this — the footprints of a large bird next to my own footprints. Maybe a crow or a hawk?

Backyard dirt

Here’s what will eventually be the meandering path through the yard. I’m going to recycle the concrete that was removed and use it for stepping stones.

Backyard dirt

It’s time to dream up what I want this to become. I’m going to put in California natives and dye plants — hopefully an improvement over the water-thirsty grass that was there before.



  1. I saw an article recently that people in California can get money for switching their yards from grass to landscapes that don’t need to be watered. The program paid by the square foot.

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