Painting in New Studio This Weekend!

Guess what I’m doing this weekend? Creating my first paintings in my new art studio! The studio isn’t quite finished yet, but I have a commission I want to get done, so I moved some of my stuff in early. Now that I’m in there, I’m not leaving!

It feels so good to be able to paint again. It has been a very long haul, getting through the move and building the new studio – more than a year. I’m so grateful to be able to get back to my art, and to have this fabulous new space for it.

The boxes around the perimeter are boxes of paint. I left it in boxes, because it’s going to have to be moved again, when they seal the floor.

Here we go! I feel like I should christen the space with some special ritual. I would burn sage, but I’m afraid it might set off the fire sprinklers!

Tondro new art studio

Tondro new art studio



  1. Dear Cassandra, congratulations for you new Studio. It looks great. Also the lights on the ceiling will give the brightness you need to paint. A lot of working space. Can’t wait to see another video showing your wonderful technique using leftover house paint that would otherwise go to waste, Wishing you a Happy Easter I send you my warmest regards. Fiona

  2. It is just magnificent and so inspiring! I can’t see what your first painting looks like! Happy Easter to you. I miss you! P.S. The photo of you is really great!


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