First Day Painting in New Studio

Today was my first day painting in my new art studio, and it was not a particularly auspicious day! Since it was my first time painting in over a year, I’m a little out of practice. I may need to cut myself some slack.

And the paint was not cooperating. Two of the colors were too thin and breaking up. A little breaking up is OK, but this was too much. The truth is that painting doesn’t always go well, and my paintings aren’t always good.

The new studio, however, is fabulous! The light is excellent, the air circulation is great, the floor is level, the temperature stays comfortable, and I have lots of space.

Here are some pictures of today’s efforts. The paintings will look different when they’re dry, but this will give you an idea of how they turned out.

This first picture is the paint poured onto plastic on the floor, straight out of the cans. It looked great at this point.

Tondro art studio Ventura

I like the way this piece turned out. This is my favorite painting of the day. It’s 24″ x 12″.

Tondro art studio Ventura

These two are also nice — 10″ x 10″ each.

Tondro art studio Ventura

I would be happier if this painting had larger areas of color. There’s too much paint breaking up into busy details. I know it looks rectangular in this picture because of the angle, but it’s actually a square, — 24″ x 24″. We’ll see how it looks when it’s dry.

Tondro art studio Ventura



  1. Dear Cassie:

    Your new studio looks amazing. Our class at the Y is still going but we have lost a lot of people. Because of traffic ect. people just are not coming. We miss you. How is Nelson?


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