Studio Almost Finished

The shelves for the art supplies in my new studio are done, and everything fits! It’s great to be able to see the floor again. Yes, the paints are arranged by color.

Tondro art studio Ventura

The shelves for the finished paintings and canvases aren’t yet done, and I still have paintings stacked against the wall on the other side of the room.

Tondro art studio Ventura

I hung my favorite piglet photo in the studio bathroom.

Tondro art studio VenturaTondro art studio Ventura

Along with the stained glass mirror from the bathroom of my old house. It feels comforting to carry some of the old over into the new.

Tondro art studio Ventura

Everything is so neat and tidy, and I hate to mess it up! It will never look this good again.



    1. Mr. Bear, I thought you weren’t coming back. As you know the cats are eagerly awaiting your return, and your special place is the cat toy bin. OK — that’s just mean! You can have a special place in the house with all of the other found objects from the yard which are on display in my office. Hopefully the cats won’t find you there.

      1. Of course the cats are eagerly awaiting my return. Although I only have an IQ of 2, I do know how to open a cat door. And why are the cat toys locked up in a bin? I do not want to be displayed as a found object but want to return to my former glory as a soul mate.

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