Exploring the Unexpected

I learned something big today about art. As soon as I’ve figured out how to do something well, it’s dead. It’s too predictable, and it’s not interesting looking anymore.

This is both exciting and frustrating. It’s exciting because it means that every piece is an experiment, and I can’t do anything wrong. I just have to keep working the piece until I have something that I like.

But it’s also frustrating because it takes a totally open mind and a lot of time — a LOT of time. It can take weeks or months to finish a painting. Sometimes I have to set a piece aside and look at it for many days before I know what to do next. For that reason I usually have quite a few paintings in process at once.

Here are my two new favorites pieces. They’re the canvas drop cloths that I use underneath my paintings to blot and catch the drips. I’m seriously thinking of stretching these. They’re better than my “real” work!

Tondro new work

Tondro new work

You’ve seen my studio when it was neat, clean and brand new. Here’s how it looks when I’m working.

Tondro studio Ventura

I have something like fifteen paintings that I’m working on right now!


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