New Beach Rock Necklace Collection

Cassandra Tondro Beach Rock Necklaces

A few weeks ago I was at the beach, and surprised to see that millions of rocks had appeared overnight, uncovered by the waves! I spent hours sorting through them, looking for the ones with the most beautiful colors and exquisite designs to bring you my new Beach Rock Necklace Collection.

Cassandra Tondro Beach Rock Necklaces

You, too, can look like you’re just back from Hawaii when you wear one of these elegant rocks! The rock pendants are paired with a four-strand natural linen cord that has a silver clasp and bail.

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  1. Lovely necklaces. Now I have to go find linen thread! I love collecting rocks in Monterey, on a beach near the aquarium. You make me want to be in California. Virginia has no rocks with holes (marl, caused by worms) and no eucalyptus!

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