The View From the Couch

I’m recuperating from the flu, and this painting has been my view for the past few days while camped out on the living room couch with my cats and a cup of hot tea. I’ve been thinking how lucky I am to be surrounded by original art that lifts my spirit, and how interesting it is to stare at this piece day after day and watch it change in the light and with my gaze. That’s what I like most about abstract art — it never looks the same. Every time I look at it I see something different.

Cassandra Tondro, "Dawn," abstract painting

I am reminded of Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2017 — Greenery. I don’t usually get too excited about the Pantone color selections, but this is one that I love and use a lot.

Pantone Color of the Year 2017 Greenery

Bright greens make other colors pop, like the pastels and burgundy in the piece below, titled “Meltdown” — one of my favorite paintings, that currently holds a place of honor hanging over my living room couch. Although this is not my couch. My couch has way more cat hair on it. This is a lovely staged couch!

Cassandra Tondro, "Meltdown," abstract art

Or the turquoise and teal in this painting titled “Tropical Dreams,” which is the first thing I see in the mornings, when I wake up. Again, not my bed or my bedroom. Lovely interior designer staged bedroom!

Cassandra Tondro, "Tropical Dreams," abstract painting

Green has an optimistic, life-giving quality about it. The green of the forests and the mountain ridges after a soaking rain. The chartreuse green of tender new growth in the spring.

I think Pantone knew what they were doing when they selected Greenery for Color of the Year, and it is an excellent choice. We all need a bit of hope right about now, don’t we?!!

Happy 2017! May your spirits also be uplifted by beautiful original art!


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