Create Your Own Collectable Valentine Cards

Valentine’s Day is my favorite holiday because my birthday is the following day, and my birthday has long been associated with the day of red hearts and love. Valentine’s Day feels like my day!

I like to send out Valentine’s Day cards instead of traditional holiday cards, and for the past few years I’ve created one-of-a-kind handmade Valentines. Much to my surprise, these cards have become highly coveted items, with people framing them and collecting the series!

I thought I’d show you how you, too, can become a collected artist by creating your own beautiful contemporary Valentines. These fun cards have a modern art twist with a colorful Jackson Pollock-inspired splatter paint background. Let’s get started!

Valentine art cards

Supplies needed for this project:

Medioevalis blank greeting cardsCard Blanks
I highly recommend the wonderfully elegant Medioevalis blank greeting cards for this project. They are the most beautiful cream white cards with a soft deckle edge crafted by the Fabriano mill in Italy. And the boxes that they’re packaged in are pretty, too! The cards come in several sizes with matching envelopes, and for this project, I like the ones that fold to 4.5″ x 6.75″. You can find them in sets of 20 cards with matching envelopes, or boxes of 100 cards and 100 envelopes (affiliate links).

Valentine card art projectPaint
I like to use leftover house paint for these cards, or you can use fluid acrylic paints (affiliate link) or other water-based paint. You will need four colors and red. The four colors can be pastels, brights, sophisticated or whatever color scheme you like. The red can be a vivid scarlet red, a deep burgundy red, or even magenta.

Assorted heart stamps
Heart Stamp(s)
There are many possibilities here, and you can use one or more stamps. You can cut heart stamps out of foam or a sponge. You can use heart-shaped cookie cutters. Or you can purchase heart stamps: swirl heart, scroll heart (affiliate links).

Valentine card art project




One or more inexpensive paint brushes. The 2″ bristle house paint brushes from home improvement stores are fine, or you can use something like these utility brushes (affiliate link).




Valentine art card project
Paper Plate
You just need one, or you can use a piece of plastic or construction paper.




Here’s the process:

Lay the blank cards out in a grid on newspaper, so they can be splatter painted all at once. Using a brush, drip and splatter each of the four colors onto the cards, one color at a time. The paint doesn’t need to dry between colors. Leave some white space showing.

Valentine art card project

Valentine art card project

Carefully pick up each card by the edges, and move it to plastic or another non-porous surface to dry. The paint will stick to the newspaper.

Some paint will inevitably creep around the edges and end up on the inside of the card. Not to worry! This adds to the charm and the handmade look.

When the paint is dry, you’re ready to stamp. Using a brush, spread some of the red paint on a paper plate. This becomes your “stamp pad.”

Valentine art card project

Press the heart stamp(s) into the red paint, and print them onto the cards. You can stamp one heart, or many hearts, and they don’t need to look perfect. I paint both the front and the back of the card, so that it’s a work of art when open.

Valentine art card project

And look how awesome the cards look when they’re folded!

Valentine art cards

Who wouldn’t be thrilled to receive one of these beautiful handmade cards on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine art cards

I hope all of your loved ones enjoy these special cards, and your Valentine’s Day is filled with love, laughter and joy!



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