Partial Pushed Painting Technique

Here’s another idea for the pushed abstract painting technique. On this piece I’m going to show you how it looks when you let some of the underpainting show through. I started with a reddish-brown latex underpainting on an 18 x 18-inch canvas.

Cassandra Tondro DIY painting project

The color palette of leftover house paint I chose for this piece is reddish-brown, rust, gold, yellow, light green and grass green.

Cassandra Tondro painting color palette

I poured each color of paint onto plastic on the floor, but not as much paint as I would normally use. Notice that the paint doesn’t completely cover the 18 x 18-inch area I have marked off on the plastic.

Cassandra Tondro abstract painting

I laid the canvas face-down onto the paint, and I DID NOT press it into the paint. I just laid it down gently and then pulled it back out of the paint, pulling from the top of the canvas. This will leave air pockets between the canvas and the paint, which is where the underpainting will show through.

Cassandra Tondro abstract painting technique

Here’s the finished painting. The large dark brown areas are the underpainting showing through.

Cassandra Tondro abstract art

If you’re not familiar with this abstract painting technique, check out my Create Your Own Original Abstract Art tutorial available for immediate download. This is a fun and easy technique anyone can use to create amazing abstract art. No art school training required!


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