Why Abstract Art?

Greetings Friends!

Lately several people have asked me why I create abstract art. I thought I’d take a moment to answer that question and give you some background on my choice of style.

Cassandra Tondro contemporary painting

I’ve studied art since I was a child, have taken lots of classes and tried out many mediums and styles. My mother is an artist and created amazing abstract sculptures in wood and stone, which was an early influence for me. You can see her work here.

We had abstract art in the house when I was growing up, and the genre was familiar to me. I remember a Picasso print in the TV room and other abstract paintings throughout our home. And of course my mother’s sculptures everywhere.

I’ve always been attracted to the elegance and reductionism of abstract art. I like that you can see many different things in an abstract piece, and it never gets boring. I see something different in an abstract painting every time I look at it.

Abstract art tends to be emotional, and that appeals to my emotional nature. It’s a way to express my emotions when I’m creating it, and then a way to feel emotions when looking at it later.

I’m also a fan of mid-century modern architecture and decor, and abstract art fits in nicely with that design movement.

In school, I took classes in drawing and realistic painting, and they never appealed to me. When I work in that way the paintings look stiff and uninteresting. It’s just not me.

I’m at my best when I can turn off my mind and let intuition take over. I thrive on serendipity and spontaneity, and I enjoy having fun with the paint.

That is why I have chosen to create abstract art! Abstract art is what makes my heart sing.

I want to share this picture of one of my “Iron Oxide” paintings hanging in my friend Toby’s living room. Doesn’t it look fabulous there? It’s a 30- x 48-inch piece, iron oxide and repurposed acrylic latex paint on canvas. It really complements her decor.

Cassandra Tondro Iron Oxide abstract painting

I hope you’re all doing well as we move into the beginning of the holiday season! This is my busy time of year, and if you’re in the Ventura area, you can see my work at the following shows:

Focus on the Masters Holiday Gift Shop
Friday, November 17, 5pm – 8pm
Saturday November 18, 10am – 5pm
Sunday November 19, 12pm – 4pm
83 Palm Street, Ventura


Roses and Rivets Art Gallery and Body Art Studio
Grand Opening Reception
Saturday, November 18, 7pm – 9pm
110 N. 10th Street, Santa Paula


Unitarian Universalist Arts And Crafts Fair
Saturday, December 2, 9am – 2pm
Sunday, December 3, 11am – 1pm
5645 Ralston Street, Ventura

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