Thank You for Your Concern!

Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for your concern about the wildfires in Ventura. I’m overwhelmed with messages asking about it, so I’m sending you this update.

I just got home after evacuating late Monday night, and I’m grateful to have a home to come back to. Many others in Ventura are not so lucky.

It’s very smoky here and I can’t tell where the fire is now, but I don’t think it’s in this immediate area anymore.

I’ve been out of touch because I didn’t think to bring my laptop with me when I left. Nor my cell phone charger. I don’t think well when I’m panicked!

But I did manage to grab the cat, her food, and her litter box, and although exhausted, I’m doing fine.

Thank you, again, for your many messages, good thoughts and prayers. I’m so appreciative of your care and concern.

With love,


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