New Day, New Year

It’s a new year, friends! You may have noticed that I’m gradually transitioning to a new phase in my work — “art for health and well-being.” Here’s the story behind that.

I recently completed The Marketing Seminar with Seth Godin, a 100-day class that completely changed my view of my art. I thought I was signing up for a class in marketing, but it turned out to be much more than that.

The seminar encouraged me to look deeply at what change I want to make in the world. You might be surprised by the goal I came up with — I want to help heal the planet!

You’re probably wondering how one person can possibly have an impact, but we actually all play a part in what happens on Earth. There are many ways we can affect the healing of the planet and all of the beings that reside here.

One way is through our thoughts and emotions. By doing our best to stay focused on the positive, we are contributing positive energy to the whole. Research has shown that art has a beneficial effect on our health and feelings of well-being, and feeling good means positive thoughts and emotions.

I’m taking it one step further by incorporating healing energies into my art. I’ve had a long-standing interest in the healing arts, and I’ve studied many forms of alternative medicine including homeopathy, flower and gem essences, herbs, color and crystal therapies, radionics, rifing and more. I’m combining my knowledge about healing with my art to create healing art!

My new Healing Paintings are uplifting and designed to energetically heal. Each piece focuses on a chakra, emotion or element. The colors and design are chosen for their restorative properties, and I create an affirmation for each piece. Beneficial hertz frequencies are imprinted onto a quartz crystal, and the crystal and affirmation are placed in a pocket on the back of the painting to radiate healing energy. You can read more about this process here.

I made a short video to introduce you to the first painting in my new Healing Paintings series. This is a sacral chakra painting that was inspired by the Birds of Paradise flowers blooming in my front yard.

And here is the finished painting, titled “Joyful and Passionate.” Click on the image below for more detailed information about the healing properties of this piece. This sacral chakra painting will help you to overcome feelings of self-doubt, guilt, fear, resentment, and a lack of self-esteem and self-worth.

Cassandra Tondro Joyful and Passionate spiritual art

Now it’s your turn. What change would you like to make in the world this year? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section below.

Wishing you a year filled with joy, happiness, creativity, peace and everything else worthy and good. Thank you for being my friend and following my journey. I so appreciate your presence in my life, and you are loved!

Big hugs,



  1. September 3, 1996- that’s when I was intending to begin a long project based around Jamie Sams “13 Original Clans Mothers”. There have been so many false starts with only myself putting a wall up that I didn’t get it right enough to begin! Well lo and behold the last weeks in 2017 found me very happily working across a wide spectrum of creating after volunteering to work with children, introductory classes in felting, drawing and weaving. On the last day of 2017, a curiosity to create a felt dress evolved. The primary color yellow. It made me smile and feel joyful as it dried, and turned out better than I had hoped. Coincidentally, a recent purchase of Jilly Edward’s new book, “JOY, Yellow is the New Blue'” must have been lingering on the back of my mind. The dress is successfully becoming a 3-dimensional piece and I remembered the old wish. Guess what? Mother #7, She who loves all things, color is yellow! Coming across Cassandra’s prompt to create to make a positive difference in the world and working to express myself creatively which is the most powerful healer from my own experience, is all coming together. True it is the beginning of the year and many of us set ourselves up for high expectations, ‘resolutions’, can be daunting. As Rebecca Mezoff, a favorite textile artists I follow said, setting intentions is a much kinder form of setting goals. Knowing that life often does get in the way or __ ? We all have experienced one stumbling block or an other. With each of us taking Cassandra’s lead, we will find peace and contentment, which in turn allows one to affect, effect those in our spheres. Best wishes to all. Thank you Cassandra for helping me to figure this out- what will work- at this is my intention.

    1. Yellow is the new blue? I hadn’t heard that one, Susan. I’m going to have to go look it up. I love that you’re taking the idea to make a positive difference in the world and running with it. You go girl! The time is NOW for us to step into our power and become our authentic selves. The world needs the unique gifts that we each have to offer.

      1. Jilly Edwards is a tapestry weaver who lives in the UK. The book may be to your liking, interest. Her pieces are more abstract, representation of her many sketches. The works are simple and yet complex, they pull you in and calm the viewer. Ah and the packaging, it’s oh so worth purchasing!

  2. Cassandra, I love your new direction. The painting is simply beautiful and when I look at the painting it gives me a sense of calm. I am very impressed with your work.

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