keystroke minimalism

Cassandra Tondro, "Indian Summer," abstract painting

hello friends

last week i watched a derek halpern video
where he advocates that we not use commas
because shorter sentences are easier to read

and i thought
well shoot
if were getting rid of commas
lets go full e e cummings
and get rid of all punctuation and capital letters too

i want to see if i can write this message without either
and what your response will be

i do like the idea of simplification and minimalism
reducing things down to their basic components
and removing the unnecessary excess

but how would you write a list without commas
it would have to look something like this
and green

what do you think
are commas outdated
is this readable
does it appeal to you
does it have a creative flare
could you write everything this way

share your thoughts with us
in the comments section below

thanks for following along
i love reading your comments and the emails you send
you are the best

with love and appreciation

painting at top
indian summer
18 x 18
repurposed acrylic latex paint on canvas



  1. Hi Cassandra, I believe we need the commas. For me, it helps me to interpret the writer’s proper context and intention of what they are saying. Without the commas the reader potentially has to re-read the sentence to fully grasp what the writer is saying. It might be simple for a lot of people eliminating the commas but personally I much prefer them. I had a stroke three years ago from which I have fully recovered, however I have realised that the commas help to control the way I read and interpret a sentence.

    Many thanks,
    Malcolm Menzies

    1. Interesting, Malcolm, and thanks for your thoughts. It’s true that you have to keep things simple and write short sentences without the commas. Which makes it difficult to write anything complex. But I am liking the idea of shorter sentences, and that’s something I need to work on.

  2. I love this idea I have ADD and sometimes a page full of words are very overwhelming. I love reading the short sentences and I’m going to use it as a study tool. Thank you

    1. whoops computer language murdered my sentence should read you and ee cummings make poetry out of ordinary language thanks joyce

  3. you know
    ive written several replies to people
    this way now
    with no caps and no punctuation

    what im finding is that i write differently
    when i write like this

    im more free
    i say things i wouldn’t normally say
    im more kind and caring


  4. we need commas. Imagine a sentence not in short lines without punctuation of any kind words all strung together. NOPE not for me, unless I want to write a poem.

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