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Hi Friends,

I want to share this heart-warming story I received last week from Mari Wiseman:

Last spring my 10 year old grandson Aidan expressed an interest in art after seeing me explore ‘finger painting’ and deciding he would like to paint as well! I wanted to make it fun for him without too much technical ‘how to’ at this point. I showed him the videos that you had on your website at the time and he was excited to try your technique, so I set it up for him in my little studio, and he had a blast! To further encourage him, I found a local Christmas art and craft show, and signed him up. We were all a bit nervous that he might not sell any of his work, but much to our amazement he sold $350 worth of little canvases! He is very excited to spend some of his upcoming summer holidays ‘painting at nana’s’. I’m hoping to sign him up for the fall art and craft show this year. I want to thank you for being the inspiration for my little grandson to explore his creativity, and I thought you might like a photo of him and his art taken at the craft show. Thank you, and I look forward to enjoying your weekly newsletters! Keep up the amazing art!

Aidan art

Thanks, Mari. This really made my day! What more could I ask for than to inspire a child? I’m in awe of Aidan’s ability to stick with it and create all of these beautiful paintings. Then he went the extra mile to frame the ones on paper and sell them at the arts and crafts show. He’s lucky to have a “nana” who nurtures and encourages his creativity!

This is a perfect example of never knowing what impact your work will have on the world. You follow your dream and put your work out there, whether it’s art or another calling. You might have expectations of how you want things to go, and they may or may not go that way. Then one day you get a note like this one that makes it all worthwhile.

And yes, all of my videos are available on my YouTube channel, if anyone else needs some inspiration.

Who has inspired you in your life, or who have you inspired? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please share them with us in the comments section below.

May we all be inspired by each other.

With love and appreciation,


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