Fun and Silliness

Greetings Friends!

About a year ago I sanded down eight reject paintings so I could paint over them and reuse the canvases. But then something unexpected happened. They were so pretty after the sanding that I didn’t want to cover them up. And yet they’re not quite complete as they are. So they’ve been sitting untouched in my studio for a year now.

That’s what happens when something becomes too precious. I don’t want to mess it up and possibly ruin it. I become paralyzed, and unable to finish the piece until I have the perfect solution in mind.

Of course the perfect solution never arrives, because art doesn’t work that way. I don’t know what a piece needs until I’m actually working on it and making marks while possibly messing it up.

Here’s how four of these sanded canvases look at the moment:

Cassandra Tondro, fun art in process

Cassandra Tondro, fun art in process

Cassandra Tondro, fun art in process

Cassandra Tondro, fun art in process

They’re interesting, and they have potential.

I’m in the mood to do something fun and silly, to lighten things up, and to let go of the seriousness of art. These canvases might be a good backdrop for that concept. Stay tuned! We’ll see what happens.

What fun and silly things are calling to you this summer? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please share them with us in the comments section below.

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  1. I enjoy hearing about insightful description of your art creating process.Similar occurrences here at my abode
    tell me it must be normal to go through these stages.

  2. Hi Cassandra. Can you elaborate on what tools you use for sanding? Your process? We’ve emailed about this before and I’m just trying now to approach sanding down some of my old pieces. As always thanks for how much information you share with all of us. Much appreciated!

    1. Hi Louise! I have an electric sander, which can be a bit dangerous. These paintings are on stretched canvas, and it’s easy to sand right through to the canvas if you’re not careful. So I start with the electric sander to get some of the paint off, and then I finese it by hand sanding with plain old sheets of sandpaper. Or you could use a sanding block.

  3. HI Cassandra, I too have done exactly the same and I love the effects. this is one of my sanded paintings now a collage it was the perfect background for it. actually it is posted on facebook currently called towards “freedom” thanks colleen clark

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