Where is Home?

Cassandra Tondro art home

Hi Friends,

When I moved to Ventura, my furniture was in place, but everything else was in boxes. One of the first things I did was to hang some of my paintings, and that made it feel like home.

I’ve been thinking about what makes a place home. Is it being surrounded by your possessions? Is it becoming familiar with the neighborhood? Is it connections to community, family or friends?

Or perhaps you feel at home every place you go.

What’s your take on it? What makes a place feel like home for you? I’d love to hear your thoughts. Please share them with us in the comments section below.

With love and appreciation,

Painting at top: “Illusion,” 30″ x 24″, repurposed acrylic latex paint on canvas



  1. Hi Cassandr.

    What makes a place feel like home?

    For me, it is having all of my possessions around me. We have moved house 8ntimes in 40+ years. Each time we move, it does not feel like home until we have “nested”.

    To demonstrate this I attach 2 photos… one taken before we moved in, bleak bare, colourless. The other after personalising the same room. Ok, the gap is three years, but to me it demonstrates the business of applying your own personality to your habitat.

    The gap of 3 years? Well, despite being married for 48 years, we still argue like mad over colour, style, cost and timing. My wife will say, “when are you going to finish xyz”? My reply is usually, “ I have it on my list, you don’t have to keep reminding me every 6 months”.

    Ps the art on the mantelpiece is one of mine. Two tone background, with string, covered in white acrylic and “snapped” onto the background. This creates the spattered effect.

    Keep smiling

    Pps you are welcome to use the photos.

    Pops could not find a way to attach the photos, so will email them separately.

    John Bolton

  2. My books, my music, and color on the walls – whether my old quilts, or paintings made by friends! My Rick Foris Raku collection. The favorite coffee mug. A window on the new world.

  3. Hi John, Hi Pam, So you both feel that it’s personalization and and possessions that make a place feel like home. I agree, but there’s also an element of familiarity for me. When the view out my windows begins to look familiar and I know my way around town. Then it’s home!

  4. I moved 11 times. From Italy to Switzerland. In Switzerland 4 times. From Switzerland to Los Angeles, 3 times. To rural New York to New Jersey. To Santa Monica twice. To Hilo, Hawaii.
    I began to feel at home once I became familiar with my surrounding.

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