Positive Signs

Cassandra Tondro, "Malachite," painting

Greetings Friends,

Is it my imagination, or is some graffiti becoming more positive and uplifting? Check out this one currently on display at Kimball Park in Ventura, where I walk in the mornings.

Graffiti Ventura

Gramatically incorrect, but sweet nonetheless. I’m thinking that the city should leave this one rather than paint it over. Who wouldn’t want to see a daily reminder that they’re loved?

I’ve heard it said that we are slowly evolving as a species into people of a higher vibration who are more compassionate and kind. Maybe this graffiti is evidence of that. But then what are we to make of this one, also found at Kimball Park:

Graffiti Ventura

Perhaps a sign of personal discontent or sorrow? A dislike of concrete drainage structures? I like it better than the usual tagging. It’s an interesting commentary, even though I don’t fully understand what it means.

What signs are you seeing of positive change? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

The painting at the top of this message is one of my new poured pieces. Titled “Malachite,” it’s 24 x 36 inches, and inspired by the rich blue-green colors of malachite stone.

Message me if you’d like more information about this piece.

With love and appreciation,



  1. First thing I saw was two eyes, a nose and the mouth (drainage). A look of surprise or WOW! Funny how different people see different things!

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