Cujo’s Amazing Transformation

Cujo the cat

Hello Friends,

Cujo passed away last week, nearly a year after he was diagnosed with bladder cancer. He was the semi-feral cat that I helped care for, along with my neighbor, Rita.

When I first knew him, he was a mean and vicious cat. He was abandonned by a previous owner and had anger issues. I was afraid to go near him because he would bite, scratch and try to pull out my hair.

We used homeopathic and gemmotherapy remedies to treat him, and he went through an interesting transformation. These energetic remedies work on all four levels — physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. Not only did they slow the progression of his disease, but his anger completely went away. Over the course of two months he turned into the sweetest, most lovable cat.

He liked being around people and being pet. He enjoyed being brushed and combed. And he loved laying in the sun. He was so happy! It was an amazing change for him and fascinating to watch.

We kept the cancer at bay with the remedies for almost a year. He was doing well up until the week before he died.

I feel sad, but I’m also grateful to have known him, and to have played a part in his transformation. The memories of our times together live on. He was a sweetheart and showed so much love!

What opens your heart? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

With love and appreciation,



  1. Such a dear cat and friend was Cujo. Thank you for sharing this bittersweet story. I too had a semi-feral black cat, though never mean. She adopted us when we were staying at a ranch in Southern Utah. We met her one sunny afternoon when she waltzed into our cabin, jumped on the bed, and began bathing herself. They close the ranch in the winters and she’d have to make it through on whatever she could catch. Plus there was another black cat who was vicious and made her life unpleasant at best, though it was some of the most beautiful country we’d ever seen. Not at all a bad place for a cat! Anyway, the owners said we could take her back to LA, and so we did. Turned out she was FIV, and couldn’t live at home with our other two cats, so she lived at my studio. We built her a catio and she had quite the life. Often sitting on my lap was I was at the computer, or draping herself across my desk, she was the dearest spirit and she brought good fortune my way, and also great joy. When she died about three years after we brought her to LA, my heart broke. Luna transformed my heart, as I know Cujo did yours.

  2. I love animals and your story is sweet. Whatever we do to help an animal feel happy is great. I enjoy watching my dogs play and tug and run. Lulu is 8 yrs so she is a senior, and Pinkie our new rescue is 4 1/2. she keep Lulu in shape,as they plan and romp around. Sweet pals of mine.

    1. Hi Rose. Yes, I can’t imagine living without animals. It seems like it would be so lonely. On the other hand, sometimes caretaking is overwhelming, as you know. I still have my other cat Luci, so I’m not alone just yet!

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