Celebrate Serendipity

Greetings Friends,

I’ve been working on a new dyed piece using a slow process, which I rather enjoy. I like seeing the work develop gradually, in small increments, over time.

I started by rolling rebar into wet canvas and letting it sit for a while to make linear rust marks. For this piece, the rebar was rolled several times in two different directions, to create a grid.

Once the grid was complete, I folded and tightly bound the canvas with string to form a pattern that resists the dye.

I chose pomegranate rind for its khaki greens, and simmered the folded cloth in the dye bath for an hour. After it cooled overnight, I opened up the canvas, and this is what I found.

The title of the piece refers to the uncertainty we are facing about the future. We’re at a crossroads. Are we headed toward The Great Unraveling or The Great Turning? The Great Unraveling is fueled by business as usual, and The Great Turning requires a shift in consciousness. Which way will we go?

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Cassandra Tondro, "Crossroads," original art

“Crossroads,” 48 x 36 inches, iron oxide and natural dye on canvas

Detail images:

Cassandra Tondro, "Crossroads," original art

Cassandra Tondro, "Crossroads," original art

Cassandra Tondro, "Crossroads," original art

Wow! Not what I was expecting at all. Sometimes I get lucky, and serendipitous things happen in the dye bath. I like the deep rich black, the taupe and the lovely shades of gray on this piece. They complement the rust beautifully.

It’s not the greens that I was expecting, but it’s better than the greens. This piece has a strong presence and would look magnificent hanging in a contemporary office or home.

How does serendipity show up in your life? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

With love and appreciation,



  1. HI Cassandra, the rust in your fabric would have turned the green to dark, it seems to do that . the piece is very interesting thanks for sharing. x colleen c

    1. Hi Colleen! I was expecting the rust to turn a brightish green to a more muted khaki green, but the black is a welcome surprise. I guess I had more rust on the canvas than I realized!

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