Are You Alive?

Cassandra Tondro pinhole camera photograph

Hi Friends,

I have a question for you, and I’m interested to hear your reply. What makes you feel alive?

I’ve been thinking about this ever since I heard an interview with Michael Moore on Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! show. Michael makes me feel alive, because he’s an eternal optimist and he has some good ideas about how we can repair our world.

Even though I don’t follow the news, I still hear about it, and it’s never good news, is it? Things are looking kind of bleak, and I’ve been slipping into a malaise. But when I heard Michael talk, I could feel the electric spark of possibilities. It felt like the 1960s again, and I was alive.

This sensation was in stark contrast to how I’d been feeling before, and it got me thinking about what else makes me feel alive. What do I need in order to stay afloat?

You may or may not like Michael Moore, and it doesn’t really matter. I want to know what makes you feel alive? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

May you feel vividly alive in the new year! Wishing you all the best for 2020.

With love and appreciation,

Image at top: Photograph of Santa Monica beach using a pinhole camera.



  1. I sit in Michigan on the first morning of 2020 and the sky is blue, the sun is shining, it is still..light bringing gorgeous shadow and contrast, and what comes to mind is Clarity.
    Nature is alive and brings me optimism and hope!

  2. A few times each year I visit some group of meditaters and meditate. This seems to let me know that regardless of the world’s events and society, there is a spiritual or personal sentience that is alive and well. It is like a snowflake or autumn leaf dancing its way towards earth, free of my thoughts or worries.

  3. I was really feeling down and overwhelmed for the last bit of 2019, but today I woke up in the best spirits I’ve felt for a very long time. Awesome way to start a new year and new decade with a beautiful sunrise. Wishing everyone an extraordinarily creative and positive new year!

  4. Knowing that everyday is a new beginning and a chance to do something good! Any kind of creativity makes me feel alive and happy! This is year ahead of me I am full of ideas and plans, now I have to see how many I can get done and who will go with me on the journey, which is my life:) Happy New Year may 2020 bring us clarity and light!!

  5. It’s interesting that several of you mentioned clarity. From what I’ve heard, that’s going to be a theme for 2020. I’m feeling it, too, and more light as well. Sometimes creavtivity lifts me, but sometimes I feel stuck, and it’s just another part of the problem. I’m going to try experimenting with new mediums this year, and see if it helps to move me to a higher level. Happy 2020! May we all be divinely inspired to do our best work.

  6. Dear Cassandra: I understand perfectly how you feel, I started 2018 a cycle of searching for things that would make sense of my life. Among the answers I found, one of the most important was to discover botanical printing. You played an important role because your tutorials accompanied me in my first steps. I have carried out a spiritual search, far from religions. I have found answers in some texts like those of Gary Rennard and in the book A Course in Miracles, or in the mystic Sadhguru through YouTube. I don’t have money to pay for courses, talks or travel, so I love to learn alone from home.
    Today my country (Chile) is living a beautiful but terrible awakening, and I am able to take strength from what I have learned from spirituality and my ecoprint practices, where I find the peace of nature. In summary, I have learned that the meaning of life is what you want to give it, that if I want to change the world I must start with myself, defending joy over everything, and that every day has its own task. I give you a hug and my thanks for sharing your knowledge.
    Veronica, from southern Chile.
    (I hope mi text be undestable, Google traductor helped me ;) )

    1. Hi Veronica. Google translator did a great job, and your English is very good. I also like Gary Rennard and A Course in Miracles. Interestng idea that every day has its own task. I do tend to get caught up in the big picture of “what am I doing?” and perhaps neglect the smaller everyday tasks. I’d love to see what you’re doing with the ecoprints. Are you printing on paper or fabric?

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