Clever Use of Plastic Wrap

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Because I’m interested in innovative art, people sometimes send me information about unusual techniques. A couple of weeks ago friend and fellow artist Debbie sent me a link to a fascinating technique using plastic wrap and acrylic paint that creates crystal-like effects.

I tried it using thinned down house paint over paintings that weren’t working, and it’s amazing! It has the ability to pull a piece together, but it requires some experimentation.

The things to consider are the transparency/opacity of the paint and contrast. The first two paintings below are relatively low contrast with transparent paint, and the last one is higher contrast using opaque paint.

Click on the images for more information about each piece.

Cassandra Tondro, "Cellular Level," abstract painting

“Cell Division,” 20 x 20 inches, repurposed acrylic latex paint on canvas

Cassandra Tondro, "Vernal Rising," contemporary art

“Ode to Spring,” 20 x 20 inches, repurposed acrylic latex paint on canvas

Cassandra Tondro, "Rock Solid," abstract painting

“Rock Solid,” 20 x 40 inches, repurposed acrylic latex paint on canvas

The basic idea here is that you put down a layer of watery paint, and cover it with scrunched up plastic wrap. Let it dry, remove the plastic (which can be re-used) and voila! Interesting patterns that turn a dull painting into something vibrant. It’s so much fun!

Where do you find innovative ideas, art-related or not? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

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  1. About 3 years ago I connected my computer to the internet. And under “pouring paint” I found an a great number of artists using such methods and variation on that. Since I love art by chance I began experimenting and never stopped.
    I can give you couple of names of not only talented artists but also creative.
    Linda Celestian Gerda Lipski Sabine Belz Gina Deluca Bakerboo Paints
    all on Utube

    1. Thank you, Elfie! I’ll check them out. I also like art that is created by chance. When I plan something out in advance, it’s not nearly as interesting as things that happen serendipitiously.

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