A Life Well Lived

Susan Weinberg Artist

Hello Friends,

One of my friends recently passed away. Susan Weinberg was a wonderful artist with an amazing 40-year history in the arts.

Susan would write to me every week after she received my newsletter. Sometimes it was just a brief note when she was busy, like “Keep going” or “Your best yet!” Other times she wrote longer missives telling me about similarities in our art or making suggestions for my work. I looked forward to her weekly messages and will miss hearing from her.

We only ever met once in person, when we both lived in Santa Monica. Susan was very much a part of the Santa Monica and Venice art world. For many years she had a gallery and home right on the Santa Monica boardwalk, very near the pier. The subject of her vibrant watercolor paintings was scenes of the pier, the boardwalk and the beach. Here are three of my favorites.

Susan Weinberg Art

Susan Weinberg Art

Susan Weinberg Art

Like other artists, Susan was multi-talented. In addition to the watercolors, she painted in oils and mixed media, embracing accidents and serendipity in her work. Here’s how she described her painting process:

Sometimes accidents happen, and I try to incorporate these accidents into the paintings. As these paintings take form, they suggest different ideas and images to me, and I will often go with the flow as it happens. I am influenced by what I am wearing, what I am feeling, what is happening in the world at the moment, my ideas of life , and, of course, the music. The paintings are emotional and seem to touch people on a very deep level.

And here’s one of her recent oil paintings.

Susan Weinberg Art

In the 1980s and 1990s, Susan ran a business creating handpainted fabrics for the interior design trade. At its height she employed thirteen artists to paint the fabrics that were featured as wall coverings and on furniture in banks, lobbies and other large-scale corporate installations.

Susan Weinberg Art

As if all of that were not enough, Susan also taught painting, both privately and through Santa Monica College.

Some of you knew Susan. She was one of my biggest supporters. She always had something encouraging to say about my work, and I appreciated her steady presence in my life. She will be missed by many.

Who are the people that sustain you? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

With love and appreciation,



  1. Very sorry for your loss. Good friends, encouraging and supportive of one’s work, are hard to find. The right words at the right time… one of life’s greatest gifts. Perhaps celebrate her life with a new work of art….

  2. Hi Cassandra, I’m very sorry for the loss of your art-friend Susan Weinberg. How important such friends are , I could not have said that better than Corinne did in the first comment. The people who are most important and supportive for my art are the members of the Facebook-group “Pictura Gelria” , landscape painters in the Dutch area “Gelderland” where i live. There was a paint-out every week and one could join whenever one wanted to. I loved to go and became friends with some of them. At the beginning of the corona lock-down I was afraid to never see them (or some of them)again. But now the vaccinations heve been started and the spring is near so there is new hope to go on paint-outs together maybe in summer. I truly hope you will find new inspiring contacts ( real life or on-line ) again.

    1. Hi Marinus. Yes, the lockdown has given us all the experience of loss and wondering if we’ll ever be able to see friends and family again. I’m glad things are opening up for you there and you’ll be able to enjoy your painting group once more!

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