Slow Art Summer

Hi Friends,

I’m taking a break from painting, and recently rediscovered my love of crochet. I’ve had some silk/wool yarn that’s been sitting around for a while, and I decided to finally do something with it, since I have the time.

I used the yarn swift and turned the loose hanks into more useable balls. The swift and ball winder are handy tools to have for hand-dyed yarns.

Cassandra Tondro crochet

This yarn is a lucious 50/50 blend of silk and wool that I dyed a long time ago using plant dyes. It has a lovely sheen from the silk and a wonderful softness from the merino wool.

Cassandra Tondro crochet

It’s a fairly heavy yarn, and I decided to make it into a throw using a traditional ripple stitch. As I started to crochet, I remembered how satisfying it is to work with my hands. I especially like having something productive to do in the evenings while I watch movies or Netflix.

Cassandra Tondro crochet

I’m so enjoying this project that I’m thinking of dyeing more yarn and designing some colorful throws to sell! Because they’re large, each one takes quite a bit of time to crochet, but I can do a little each day, over time. It’s definitely slow art.

As for paintng, it’s nice to be able to take a break every now and then to get some perspective and generate new ideas. I also find that other projects, like crochet, give me ideas for painting. The two feed into each other, and it’s a win-win!

What are your summer plans? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

With love and appreciation,



  1. You are inspiring. I love your paintings but/and its refreshing for me who has a hard time going deep into one medium, see you working on crochet! The plant colored yarn is beautiful. Thanks for posting and going with the flow.

    1. Hi Jean! Yes, I definitely need to take a break every now and then and switch mediums to freshen things up. Otherwise I tend to get stuck in the same old patterns. I find crochet to be very relaxing and yet I also feel productive. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  2. Hi Cassandra! Love your strings of art! Beautiful throw! I am doing bleach art on t-shirts right now. I am trying different methods and just having fun! Stay cool this summer!

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