Making Tracks

Greetings Friends,

I was walking at Kimball Park one day last week, minding my own business, when this mud tire track on the sidewalk suddenly leaped into my field of vision.

Cassandra Tondro inspiration

It has probably been there many months, but I hadn’t really noticed it before. Upon closer inspection, the patterns of the track looked interesting to me.

Thus was born the inspiration for my two most recent paintings.

Fortunately I have an older car and a driveway where I can make a mess. You probably won’t want to try this with your brand new Tesla.

I applied paint to one of the tires, and drove over canvas repeatedly. It takes some experimentation and a lot of starting and stopping of the car to do this well, but I like the results. It’s kind of an urban grunge look.

Cassandra Tondro painting

“Road Trip,” 36 x 36 inches, repurposed acrylic latex paint on canvas

Cassandra Tondro painting

“Rubber Meets the Road,” 48 x 36 inches, repurposed acrylic latex paint on canvas

Where do you find inspiration? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

With love and appreciation,



  1. Hello Cassandra, I like what you did using your car! I like this way of finding inspiration. But I wonder if the result would be better if you tried to have a second go with very little paint remaining on the tyres, that is called a ghost print isn’t it? Or try with lighter toned neutrals instead of black. Somehow the black printed tracks seem too neat to me. Have fun! (How I would like one of my neighbours making art like this and me watching!) :-)

    1. Hi Marinus. Thanks for your thoughts and suggestions! There are some ghost prints on these pieces. The lighter prints are ghosts, and then there are some even lighter ones that you can barely see. Yes, it might be interesting to try other colors or neutrals. I’ll take it under consideration for next time!

  2. Once again, what a creative approach to your art! Those are very interesting patterns. You could do a series on these using different types of tires, and colors!

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