Why House Paint?

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Recently I’ve had some questions about the paint that I use for my art — leftover house paint. People wonder why I use house paint instead of acrylics or oils.

There are several reasons I’ve chosen to use house paint for my work, the first being sustainability. I strive to use materials that are at least somewhat sustainable.

Most house paint isn’t eco-friendly, but I’m using paint that would otherwise go to waste. It’s leftover paint from home improvement projects and mistints from paint stores.

Using leftover house paint also gives me the freedom to experiment in a way that would be prohibitive if I were using a more expensive medium. If a piece doesn’t work out with the house paint, it’s no big loss. I can lavishly pour, splash, splatter and otherwise apply the paint in any way I want without being concerned about cost or wasting paint.

And lastly, I like the way house paint looks, feels and works. I’ve been using it for my paintings since I first tried it in 2007. I like the opacity of the paints, the variety of finishes, the challenge of using colors that I find rather than colors of my choice, and the way that it pours and covers. I’m kind of in love with it as my medium!

I use the term “repurposed acrylic latex paint” in the descriptions of my art. Acrylic latex is the phrase that you’ll see on the cans of paint that I use, and there are other types of house paint that I don’t use, like milk paint and chalk paint.

Below are two paintings are from my “Rubber Sole” series, the paintings where I put on a pair of shoes with interesting treads, step in paint, and walk on unstretched canvas to create the piece. I’ve found some great shoes lately at local thrift stores and I’m really happy with the way these two turned out. House paint is ideal for these types of paintings. because it covers and layers well.

Click on the images to see them larger in a browser.

Cassandra Tondro painting

Walkabout,” 40 x 40 inches, repurposed acrylic latex paint on canvas

Cassandra Tondro painting

Summer Stroll, 48 x 36 inches, repurposed acrylic latex paint on canvas

I’m having a lot of fun with the shoes and the house paint. It’s amazing how many different tread patterns there are. I’d like to find some of the unusual shoes shown on this Pinterest page!

What stirs your passion these days? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

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