Bold and Brave Art

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I love this short video where artist Stanley Whitney talks about abstract expressionist Joan Mitchell’s art.

Here’s a description of Joan Mitchell’s career from Wikipedia:

Joan Mitchell was an American painter and printmaker who also worked in pastel and made other works on paper. She was an active participant in the 1950s in the New York School of artists. A native of Chicago, she is associated with the American abstract expressionist movement, even though she lived in France for much of her career. Mitchell was one of her era’s few female painters to gain critical and public acclaim. Her paintings, drawings, and editioned prints can be seen in major museums and collections around the world.

Whitney talks about Mitchell’s ability to be fearless and bold in her marks and her work, creating movement and drama. Mitchell wasn’t painting for anyone but herself.

It makes me want to go out to the studio and create bold, brave, fearless art. I wonder what that would look like. What is my version of bold and brave?

These are two of my favorite Joan Mitchell paintings. I like how her marks and colors look free and fresh, like she’s painting with abandon.

Joan Mitchell art

“City Landscape,” 1955, 80 x 80 inches, oil on canvas

Joan Mitchell art

Untitled, 1951, 72 x 78 inches, oil on canvas

I’m pretty sure we can all find ways to be more bold and brave in our lives. So what’s holding us back?

What would your bold and brave life look like? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us here.

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  1. I agree with the comments recognizing Joan Mitchell’s bold and brave expression. I also feel that similar words describe your own passions and unique ways of expression. I love that you drive vehicles and walk through excess house paint to a blank canvas, wearing curated second-hand sneakers to experiment with colors and patterns. The stuff of true adventure!

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