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Allow me to introduce you to my friend, Patsy Hofmann, a retired fourth grade teacher and local Ventura artist who has been practicing origami for over twenty years. Patsy describes origami as a way to keep aging arthritic fingers flexible and her memory skills sharp. Creating origami models satisfies her need for pretty objects, and an obsession with the art has threatened to take over her home!

Out of necessity and generosity, Patsy gives away the origami pieces she makes to family, friends and neighbors, and I’ve been a lucky recipient of some of her work. Here are a few fun pieces that Patsy gave me a couple of years ago. The boxes are great for holding small gifts.

Patsy Hoffman origami

Patsy’s interest in origami began when she was teaching and she needed a hands-on project for a geometry math unit. Little by little she added more origami to the lessons, until her class was making origami models year round.

A few weeks ago Patsy asked if she could use images of my paintings for her origami work. Of course I said yes, because I was fascinated to see what interesting things she could do with them!

She prints images on regular copy paper using a good color printer, and the resolution is remarkable. Here’s a small sampling of what she’s done with images taken from my paintings in recent weeks. I love her combination of colors and the use of different patterns on each piece.

Patsy Hoffman origami

Patsy Hoffman origami

Patsy Hoffman origami

Patsy Hoffman origami

Patsy is inspired by well-known origamists including Robert Lang, Tomoko Fuse, and Akira Yoshizawa. She says there are many origami tutorials available on YouTube should you be interested in giving it a try. Books about origami are available through local and online book sellers as well as the library, for free.

What are your obsessions? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Wow! These are fabulous! I think you could make big bucks off them if you sell the idea using your artwork to a company who specializes in gift cards and boxes!

    1. Hi Cinthia! That seems like such a competitive market. And you have to go to the trade shows and compete with hundreds of other surface designers. Not sure I’m up for that! Her boxes and animals do look fabulous, though.

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