Permission to Daydream

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Artist Sara Genn wrote an interesting column about burnout last week that caught my eye. She posits that a common cause of burnout for artists is a focus on productivity.

Creative pursuits require a lot of down time to daydream and let ideas come forth. It’s not possible for most of us to be creative on cue and productive all the time. Feeling like we always need to be productive doesn’t allow time for new ideas to bubble up into conscious awareness in our minds.

I love to daydream. I like to let my mind wander wherever it wants to go and see what intriguing information appears.

In my mind there’s no shortage of ideas. I have too many ideas, and I have to sort through them and decide where I want to devote my time and energy. Many ideas get tossed out before they see the light of day.

I find it difficult to not be distracted by bright shiny objects. Pursuing a new idea feels more exciting than continuing to work on a project that’s presenting some challenges. But giving up on the existing work and jumping into something new can be a way to avoid things I don’t want to face. And ultimately it’s a way to avoid growth and change.

On the other hand, giving up is sometimes the right thing to do. Each of us needs to find our balance between productivity and daydreaming, pursuing the new and continuing to focus on the old. It takes some experience and self-awareness to know what works best.

I’m starting on a new handwoven scarf using yarns I got at the second yarn estate sale over the weekend. It’s gold and silver metallics with grays, blacks and a tiny amount of burnt orange.

Cassandra Tondro woven scarf

It looks better in person. It’s hard to photograph because the colors are subtle and the metallics don’t read as metallic. I’ll work on that for next week, when it will hopefully be finished.

What appears in your daydreams? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Re daydreams:
    Just finished an old book by Ann McGee-Cooper,
    Time management for Unmanageable People–
    Covers similar territory, warm and inspiring!
    Best, Carol Troy, author, Cheap Chic

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