Living a Creative Life

Hi Friends,

My mom is in the final phase of clearing out her house and getting ready to move. It’s the house that I grew up in, and the house she has lived in for 61 years. It’s a huge job, to say the least.

I’m the lucky recipient of some of her treasures, including some of her art. Like other artists, she is multi-talented, working in many different mediums over the years. I now have four of her amazing wood and alabaster sculptures adorning my home. She has a very refined aesthetic, and having her art here is an instant upgrade to my place!

Pat Wedin sculpture

Pat Wedin sculpture

Pat Wedin sculpture

Pat Wedin sculpture

She also did Japanese Sumi painting, and I have a box full of her delicately drawn pieces on beautiful rice paper.

Pat Wedin Sumi painting

Here are two of the stunning quilts that she made, now featured prominently in my bedroom.

Pat Wedin quilts

In an unexpected act of reverse gifting, I got back some of my own artwork that I had given to her over the years. These are two candleholders from my ceramics days. I love working with clay, but it requires quite a lot of specialized equipment.

Cassandra Tondro ceramics

I also received several framed family photos taken by my talented Uncle Allan, a professional photographer. How sweet are these?

Wedin family

It’s interesting to see all of the different things my mom and I have both done over the years. Everything changes, but the one constant is creativity. Whether it’s my mom’s gardening or her cooking, creativity is always present.

Kudos to you, Mom, for having the courage to make this enormous change in your life and to carry it through. Thank you for sharing your creativity with me and showing me the path to living a creative life. That’s the real gift you have given me, along with the gift of life. I wish you all the best for your new endeavors.

We’re all creative in unique ways. What does your creative life look like? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

With love and appreciation,



  1. What an exquisite display and tribute, not only to your mother, but to the shared valuing of creativity that characterizes both of your lives. What a treasure…

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