Serendipitous Art

Hi Friends,

A couple of months ago I was walking through my neighborhood on a windy day, and I stumbled across two wonderful pieces of trash blowing down the sidewalk — a large Goldfish Cracker box and the cardboard container for a twelve-pack of Canada Dry Ginger Ale. I felt like I had hit the mother lode of trash findings!

I scooped them up and brought them home to be used for collage. They’re both bright and colorful, and perfect for my “Talkin’ Trash” series of work.

Cassandra Tondro trash art

For the Goldfish piece, I decided to play off of the theme of “Jaws” — a scary smile and enormous teeth. The Goldfish slogan is “The snack that smiles back,” because of the little smiles on the fish crackers. So this piece is titled “Smile!”

Cassandra Tondro collage art

“Smile!,” 14 x 14 inches, collage and enamel on wood panel

The Canada Dry piece employs a theme of circular bubbles, based on the carbonated bubbles in the drink. It’s titled “Not Too Sweet,” which was the advertising campaign for Canada Dry Ginger Ale in the 1970s. That’s why it’s called Canada Dry. They consider it to be dry, like a dry white wine, and not sweet.

Cassandra Tondro collage art

“Not Too Sweet,” 20 x 20 inches, collage on wood panel

These two pieces have rekindled my interest in collage, and I’m working on another piece using four different styles of used paper coffee cups scavenged from restaurants and social gatherings.

What serendiptious things have sparked your interest lately? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

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  1. Love both of these…so bright and happy. Both of the brands are long time favorites, and stimulate some of my favorite guilty pleasures! Brava!

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