Moving Forward

Happy New Year Friends!

I just finished up a new collage titled “Betwixt and Between.” Like my other collage pieces, it was made using images and text cut from discarded magazines. I’m enjoying the apparent simplicity and underlying complexity of this piece. It depicts the feeling of being in a liminal state, caught in a holding pattern between the old and the new.

Click on the image below for more information and to see it in a browser.

Cassandra Tondro collage

“Betwixt and Between,” 24 x 24 inches, collage on wood panel

That’s pretty much where I’ve been for the past three years, in a liminal state between the old and the new. The old has dissolved and the new has not yet arrived. In 2023 I’m looking to move forward.

The pandemic changed the world. It’s not the same place that it was, and we’re not the same people that we once were. It’s time to rediscover who we are now and what it is that we’re here to do.

These are some of the questions that I’ll be pondering this year:

What are my values and beliefs, and how have they changed?

What are my hopes, dreams and fears?

What activities and people do I want to include or exclude from my life?

What do I have to offer the world and how can I make a difference?

How will my art change going forward?

The question about my art feels particularly poignant because art has always been a big part of my life. Recently I’ve found myself moving away from painting and drawn toward other media like weaving and collage.

I’m waiting to see where inspiration takes me, and who knows where it will lead? It’s almost like I don’t have a will of my own. I can only follow the muse.

What are your intentions for 2023? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

With love and appreciation,



  1. I’m feeling very much the same as you are. My muses seem to be meditating quietly on their own leaving me immobile between the old world and the new world. So many questions and no answers yet. I think Rilke said, “you have to learn to love and live the questions…” Between Covid, the chaos of politics, war, and global warming, it has been difficult to find the quiet center which I need for creative movement. Whatever eventually reveals itself to my psyche, hopefully, will be about kindness and love.

    1. You explain it really well, Corinne. Thank you. You’re right — there’s so much chaos going on now and it makes it difficult to focus on anything creative. I feel sad because I don’t have as much energy as I used to for my art, and I miss that. Thanks for sharing. It helps to hear that I’m not the only one stuck in this liminal state.

      1. You are not alone. Chaos creates fear and fear is exhausting. Lacking the old energy that kept us going means we have to start a small project and see where it leads us. Winter is a time for dormancy, reflection and – hope, for Spring will come again. Thank you for sharing all your lovely work with us.

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