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There’s an idea that has been niggling at me for a long time, but I’ve been procrastinating because I couldn’t see a clear picture of how the finished piece would look. The idea was to do a large collage using pieces of handwoven cloth all in off-white, the natural color of unbleached cotton.

The woven pieces would use different textures of yarn, to distinguish one from the other. A white-on-white piece using primarily texture for the design.

I came to the realization that I wasn’t going to be able to figure this out in my mind. The only thing to do was to dive in and give it a try. Doing is often the only way to create art, and then letting the piece speak to me about what it needs as it develops.

Weaving yarns

I didn’t get very far because my beautiful cat Luci passed away last week. She was nearly 16 years old and had been struggling with health issues for several years. She’d been spiraling down for a couple of months and at the end wasn’t eating or able to do much.

Luci the cat

Grief is exhausting, and it’s so hard to make the decision to have an animal put down. Was it too soon? Was it too late? Was she suffering? I’ve been giving myself some down time to rest and recover before resuming work.

In the meantime, I’ve been watching episodes from the “Letters Live” series on YouTube, where actors read funny or poignant letters written by well-known and unknown people. It’s really good, and I particularly like the letter written by artist Sol LeWitt to fellow artist Eva Hesse read by Benedict Cumberbatch.

LeWitt encourages Hesse to just DO rather than bumbling around with various excuses and doubts in her mind. Make bad art, make audacious art, make ugly art, make crazy art. Make art without any concern about outcome or what anyone will think of it. Excellent advice for all of us.

What have you been doing lately? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

With love and appreciation,



  1. I am so sorry about your loss of Luci. I can feel that she was so very dear to you. It takes time to come to terms with the loss of a loved one. An irreplaceable loss.

    Keep going. Just keep going. Luci will be with you in your heart and in your art.

    1. Thanks, Corinne. Yes, Luci had been with me for a long time and we went through a lot together. It’s so hard to lose her. I appreciate you taking the time to write and your kind words.

  2. Hi Cassandra
    I have been reading and appreciating your posts for some time now but have not posted myself until now – I am so sorry to hear about Luci and know how much it hurts. No words can make it better. Take care – thinking of you.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to write, Elspeth. I appreciate your kind words. Yes, grief is hard, and we’ve all experienced it in one form or another. I’m taking it slow right now — one day at a time. Much love to you.

  3. The reading on you tube is amazing! Food for thought, a lesson to be considered, a humorous look at my own doubts. And I audibly gasped when you said Luci had passed; I can imagine how hard that must be for you. I’m so sorry.

  4. I enjoyed your bittersweet post with the mention of your feline companion’s passing.
    May the pain of heartbreak fade to warm memories for you soon.
    I love the neutral colors of your project and look forward to seeing it done. I started listening to Letters Live and will finish later today. My take away from your explanation, “move it” or “ just do it”. Usually, when I get momentum, it’s hard to stop. This post is like a shot of oil to my creeky joints.

    1. Thank you, Jean. Yes, grief is hard. Some days I don’t want to go on, but then other days I’m relatively OK. Having been through this before, I know it will pass and get better. In the meantime, it’s just one foot in front of the other and plodding along. I appreciate your kind words. Thank you for being there.

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