Healing the Heart

Hello Friends,

Lately I’ve been working with Sherri Waggoner, who some call a modern-day shaman. Sherri desribes herself as a “light leader,” but she’s so much more than that. She’s incredibly intuitive, gentle and kind, and she accesses information from her spirit guides as well as the Akashic Records. A session with her is a wonderfully healing experience.

Sherri’s spirit guides explained that my life is like a patchwork quilt, and they’re deconstructing the quilt by removing the threads that hold all of the squares together. They’re rearranging the squares, prioritizing some at the top, and discarding others that are from my old belief system and are no longer a fit.

As part of the healing process, Sherri suggested that I create a work of art depicting the new quilt that will emerge, using only materials and colors that I love. She said that it should be pleasing to my heart, and I should create it with the intention of coming back to myself and my heart.

Sherri said that the piece doesn’t have to look like a quilt, and that I should allow it to be a slow, gradual process of healing and releasing the things that no longer serve me.

I accepted the challenge, and decided to give it a try. First I had to focus in on what colors and materials I wanted to use. What do I really love?

My first thought was purple, which is my favorite color. I thought of combining it with blues, fuchsia and orange, but I didn’t have any specific direction for the piece other than that.

Then in the night, a vision came to me of a painting that has a deep blue-green background with orange and golden yellow drips streaming down from the top edge. That felt more compelling, and I decided to go with it.

I thought the vision had come out of nowhere, but later I realized that it may have been influenced by the socks I’d been wearing the past couple of days! I do like the colors on these socks, and they’re exactly the colors I had in mind for the painting, minus the black.

Hot Sox

I set an intention to let my heart lead the way, and painted the background for the piece.

Cassandra Tondro art

Next I did the orange and yellow drips. I haven’t done much of this kind of thing before, and I didn’t know how it would go. The finished piece is 30 x 48 inches.

Cassandra Tondro art

Interesting. I wasn’t expecting the oranges and yellows to be transparent and combine with the teal and blue. It’s not exactly what I had pictured in my mind, but then art never turns out as planned. I don’t know if it’s a heart piece, but it was fun to do!

How do you connect with your heart? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

With love and appreciation,



    1. Thank you, Sherry. Glad you enjoyed seeing the process and the result. I was really expecting much brighter oranges and yellows, but perhaps it’s more interesting this way. You never know!

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