Chaos Reigns

Hi Friends,

How has your week been? Mine was a descent into chaos. The skunk that has taken up residence under my house disappeared for a couple of days, and I thought it may have moved on. But then it returned and sprayed near the garage, much to my chagrin.

I’m trying to not deal with this situation using war mentality — me versus skunk, winners and losers. Can the skunk and I co-exist peacefully? Is that possible? What compromises will we both have to make, and how can I convey that to the skunk?

As a society, I think it’s time for us to find alternatives to the “us versus them” way of thinking. My resident skunk has given me an opportunity to explore this idea and think about how we can live peacefully with each other and with nature.

In the meantime, technology has flared up, and there’s a vertical line in the middle of my brand new monitor that’s making me a little crazy. It’s difficult to work around it and impossible to not see it. In addition, the application I use to compose and send these messages isn’t working, and WordPress is doing something weird with my margins. So annoying, and it all requires a lot of time and attention.

I’m back to weaving, and I think I’ve finally found a successful way to use complementary colors in a scarf. For this one I’m using complementary pinks and greens alternately in the weft with a blue-green warp that goes with both colors. Nothing turned to mud, because the pinks and greens never overlap.

Cassandra Tondro weaving

I also finished this camel and cream scarf that I think is pretty. The colors are subtle and elegant.

Cassandra Tondro weaving

And the sage green with rusts and burgundy scarf is done — also beautiful.

Cassandra Tondro weaving

I’d like to have a peaceful week, but it doesn’t seem to be in the cards right now. Not just for me, but for many in the world. These are turbulent times.

How do you deal with chaos in your life? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

With love and appreciation,



  1. I enjoy you’re writing. I also love animals and appreciate you’re kindness towards Mr. Skunk. Who deserves a name! I think he’s your protector and guardian. It’ll help you to think of him that way! He likely keeps pests away and protects u from other creatures as well as any intruders. If he sprays think of it in this way too. Many have as pets. I think what ur doing is karmic blessings!!
    Best Always,
    Sharlene Sullivan

    1. Thank you, Sharlene. Yes, the skunk deserves a name, and that’s not one of my talents! Many of my cats have come from other people, and arrived with names. The ones that I had to name received names like “Orange Guy” and “Stripey.” Do you have a suggestion for this skunk? I read that skunks mostly eat insects, which is a plus. I just wish it wasn’t quite so stinky. I thought about “Stinky” as a name, but it’s not terribly flattering.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

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