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Cassandra Tondro art

Hi Friends,

I haven’t had much time to write this week, so I thought I’d tell you about a new book I’m reading. It’s titled Pause Rest Be: Stillness Practices for Courage in Times of Change, written by Octavia Raheem.

Published in February of this year, it’s a book of comforting words that help make sense of our experience of the past two years and understand remaining feelings of uncertainty. Here’s a passage from the book.

There is no way to apply existing logic here. There is no sense or meaning to make. There is no normal to idealize and place on a pedestal. There is only the ground you are sitting on and even that feels like it is crumbling. Sink into the ground. You are a seed.

I like this, too.

You are in an unfamiliar place. You meticulously packed your bags for the journey. You thought you had a map, compass, or guide. It turns out that you only have your senses. If that is all you have, trust. It is enough.

And this.

The truth is that only the most courageous are ever brought this far and deep into the unknown. The ones who are willing to face the darkness within themselves and the world to understand the level of light needed to move forward. You are here because you are one of the courageous ones.

There are lots of lovely words in this book. It’s a balm for the heart when facing change and uncertainty, when the ground shifts under our feet and we’re feeling unsettled and unsure. Maybe Raheem’s words will help to ease some of your discomfort, too.

I gave Luci a summer haircut the other day. She gets too hot when the weather gets warm, so I did my best to chop off her very long and thick fur. It’s not the best haircut, but she looks cute, like a well-worn teddy bear. And she’s a lot more comfortable now.

Luci the cat

Luci the cat

What changes are you facing now? I’d enjoy hearing your thoughts. You can share them with us in the comments section below.

With love and appreciation,

Painting at top: “Red Rock,” 36 x 48 inches, natural earth pigments on raw cotton canvas



  1. A lovely post. A lovely painting. I ordered the book. How could I not? I needed to read even more about what is not often expressed at this time in this world.

    1. Thanks Deborah. Yes, the book is special, and I think you’ll enjoy it. I find it refreshing to hear messages of rest, stop, pause, slow down. It’s not something I had heard until recently, and I was exhausted trying to keep busy all the time. Our society seems to expect that, but it’s not sustainable — at least not for me.

    1. Hi Salli. Sure! I’ll cut your hair. Come on down! It could become a thing — a chop cut. I used to have a cat that really overheated in the summer, and I would take him to the vet every year for a lion cut. But that involves anesthesia, and it’s hard on the cat. So with Luci I figured — what’s the worst that can happen? I’m just going to chop off her hair myself. And it looks pretty cute! Except for the bald patches. But it grows out quickly.

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